What we do

Understand your customers’ thought process, their wants and needs, and give them exactly that at the price they believe is good value… each time and every time. Excitare’s artificial intelligence will transform the way you think about your customers and your own business!

Artificial Intelligent Pricing Engine

The process of making decisions differs from person-to-person, time-to-time. Our innovative, bespoke, one-to-one pricing will enable you to win more customers and increase your profitability.

Unstated Intent Analysis

Our intuitive engine reduces acquisition costs and adapts based on customer types, interaction styles, dwell times, and sojourn times. It's also completely customisable by sales and marketing departments!

Campaign Indexer

The deep learning modules decipher the "intent of purchase" and dynamically offer the products most relevant to each customer. The product groups can be managed by marketers with no IT background.


Transform your pricing with simple APIs

Plug and play, API driven pricing ensures your pricing is bespoke to each customer. Tap into Excitare’s AI driven pricing engine to ensure you make the required ROI and your customers get a price they feel is good value.

Give your customers what they want

Understand your customers, give them what they want, and transform your business at every level. Decipher the unstated intent to get a deeper customer insight. Build a winning proposition each time and every time.

Multivariant analysis turns A/B testing into ancient history

No more content testing or muddling through adverts with low click conversion rates. Excitare’s Campaign Indexer will automatically score your campaigns using our unique AI engine. Improve your marketing ROI and customer loyalty.

Customer Promise

Excitare will enable you to increase your profitability with its embedded and stand-alone insurance products. Competitive prices using unique forward-looking AI pricing models, increased online conversions, and reduction in fulfilment costs will be some of the most immediate benefits.