Who we are

Excitare.ai is an innovative business focused on customer behaviour, analytics and pricing. Our aim is to ensure your customers value the price they pay for your products or services while enhancing your profits. The unique and innovative AI engine has the potential to transform your business. 

Our history

Excitare.ai is a culmination of its co-founders’ years of hands-on experience in high velocity businesses with diverse delivery models and an undeterred passion to deliver customers what they “truly want”. Our AI platforms will provide better value to your customers and at the same time enhance your profitability. Why not contact us to find out how? 

The Co-Founders

Both Kesh and Stuart have founded high growth businesses using innovation as the key driver. Excitare.ai has the potential to transform your business by revolutionising your financial models and increasing profitability, while reducing cost of acquisition. Shortlisted as one of the most cutting-edge insurance offerings by the UK Launchpad & UK Retail Hive, Excitare.ai does away with the archaic underwriting approaches of the past for a new, bright future.


I have spent most part of my life winning and managing customers, understanding their behaviours and the nuances of delivering customer value and making profits. Pricing is inevitably at the heart of this equation and that’s what Excitare.ai is all about. As they say, “there is no long term without short term” and with Excitare.ai intelligent pricing platforms, you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to see the results. Increase your profits right from the first day of implementation and build a sustainable long term. 

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Giving customers what they want, when they want and in the manner they want has always been my passion. Unless you know what your customer “wants” intimately, there is little chance of success for your business. Excitare.ai will empower you to stay one step ahead by aligning your proposition dynamically and making it unique to each customer. The unique plug and play solution will have you up and running in days. Seeing is believing, allow us to show you how your business can transform with deeper customer insight.

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Artificial intelligence with a natural heart

 Excitare.ai will allow you to align your pricing to each customer uniquely, avoid expensive testing, and invest only in campaigns that will give you the desired ROI. Understand your customers intimately and engage with them more meaningfully.